10 Tips for Harborx Beginners

10 Tips for Harborx Beginners

So you saw this funny ad and downloaded the Harborx app… or maybe your friend lured you into trying it with a $10 bonus. Now you’re here and unsure what to do next. We’ve got your to-do list for the next few weeks:

  1. Relax! (yes, really) Being a beginner in anything feels weird, right? You’re out of your comfort zone, overwhelmed, and that’s okay! Simply take the time to look around the app and take it easy.
  2. Play around with your Trial account.  If you’re on a Trial account, you’ve got a nice big sum of virtual funds. Enjoy following Harborx Star Traders and try placing your own trades. Even if you get them wrong, who cares? It’s not real money!
  3. Upgraded from Trial too fast? Keep reading! You may have rushed things a bit and upgraded to a Live account a little too fast. Now you can’t go back to Trial and you can’t start trading because your account balance is zero. At the same time, you may not be ready to deposit. After all, it’s real money and you’re still unsure what you’re doing. Well, you’ve read the article this far, so here’s your prize. Use promo code BEGINNER35 for a $35 bonus! Remember that you need to have your account validated first. Now that you’ve got some cash in your account, you can start your baby steps in trading!
  4. Trial users: don’t rush. Hey, Trial traders, ignore the bonus code above and don’t go to a Live account just yet (we know you’re tempted to get that $35 free credit!!). Our advice: take it slow and learn. Go to a Live account only when you feel ready, and we promise there will be other Harborx bonuses along the way 😉.
  5. Learn a little.  Are you unsure how currency pairs work? Check out this article. Oh, and also this one! And when you have time, browse through the whole Learning Camp.Those bite-size lessons don’t take long to complete, and you will be happy with the result, and you’ll feel ready to make your first deposit.
  6. Follow the Stars. Make a habit of checking and following  Star Traders’ recommendations. Keep in mind that timing is everything, so you have higher chances of getting good results if you follow a recommendation when it’s new. Star Traders remove irrelevant recommendations, but, really, if you see that a recommendation is very recent (followed by no one or just a few people, it means that it’s new and you should really follow it!).
  7. Follow global news. We promise, it’s not boring! You don’t have to watch the news 24/7, but installing a few news apps with alerts on your phone is a good idea. A lot of things happening in the market have a lot to do with global events; you can read more on the topic here.
  8. Get in the Game. Once you start fighting for your position in the weekly Leaderboard competition, trading will become a lot more exciting. Unleash your competitive edge!
  9. Invite friends. Everything’s more fun with friends, so be sure to invite yours to Harborx. First of all, if your friends use your referral code and proceed to validate their Live account, you both get a $10 trading credit. Since you can invite up to 100 friends, you have a solid chance of earning up to $1000. What’s more, competing with your friends brings a whole new dynamics to the Leaderboard competition, and lots more fun topics for your crowd to talk about.
  10. Get social. Follow Harborx on Facebook and Instagram to receive latest news, updates and occasional surprise promo codes. What’s more, you can connect with other traders from across the world and make your trading journey even more fun.




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