5 movies every trader should watch

5 movies every trader should watch

Movies depict the extremes of human nature – the dark, exciting, and exhilarating, making it the perfect medium for depicting the dramatic world of trading. Some movies do it better than others, and some even serve as a source of inspiration and motivation for traders. Here are five of those movies.

trading places
1. Trading Places
1983, John Landis
This early 80s Hollywood comedy starring a young Eddie Murphy, was likely the first time most people had heard of the trading profession. In this modern-day Prince and the Pauper tale, Murphy, a street hustler, is placed in an executive position and using his street smarts, rises to levels of wealth and social status most people only dream of.

wall street
2. Wall Street
1987, Oliver Stone
No finance or trading movie list is complete without Wall Street, a tale of greed and a lesson in where that can lead in the world of trading. Infinitely quotable, this movie is still influential and a blueprint for all finance cinema.

boiler room
3. Boiler Room
2000, Ben Younger
A cautionary tale, this high-energy finance thriller combines the sketchy with the glamorous side of the trading world to create an intriguing film that serves as both entertainment and a lesson on the darker side of trading.

4. Pi
1998, Darren Aronofsky
More of a study into the dark path that a stock broker can spiral towards, this eclectic representation of one man’s obsession hits close to home for a lot of traders. It may be gloomy or even disturbing; this underrated and overlooked film is without a doubt a portrayal of how crazy a trader can get.

rogue trader
5. Rogue Trader
1999, James Dearden
A real-life account of Barings Bank Trader Nick Leeson, Rogue Trader, successfully captures the magic and excitement of the trading field. Ewan McGregor shines in this docudrama, emulating the British trader down to the tiniest details. It also has the advantage of being a true story.



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  1. I would add “Wolf of Wall Street”, “To big to fail” and “Wall Street: Money never sleeps”

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