5 Reasons to Follow Harborx Stars TODAY

5 Reasons to Follow Harborx Stars TODAY
Harborx Star Traders

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When you register with Harborx, you can start placing your trades immediately. Which sounds great except for one tiny detail… you feel like you need some guidance, right?

Don’t worry as every professional used to be a beginner at some stage. At Harborx, we help you kick start trading by letting you follow Harborx Star Traders’ recommendations. Here’s why following Harborx Stars is the best way to begin your trading career with Harborx:

1. Experienced Traders. Harborx Stars are traders with years of experience in the industry. By following them, you maximize your chances of winning, as well as improve your understanding of Forex trading.
2. They Rely on Professional Tools, such as MetaTrader4, technical analysis and economic calendars. Harborx Stars spend hours analyzing charts! They process all this information to boil it down to a simple signal, accessible to a beginner trader.
3. Absolute Transparency. You can easily access full information for each Star Trader, including the number of their trades followed by other Harborx users (tens of thousands!), their win ratio, trade histories and comments from users. You, too, can comment and ask your favorite star a question!
4. Better Chances of Successful Trades. While past performance does not guarantee the winnings, following professionals improves your results! What’s more, you get the opportunity to analyze how each trade went and learn from this experience. This is an easy way to step up your own trading skills and get better as you go.
5. Introduction to Social Trading, the easiest way possible. Following recommendations from experienced traders lies in the basis of social trading, or copytrading. In copytrading, you can follow a trader, and all their trades will be reflected in your account. The downside of many social trading platforms? They’re too overwhelming and confusing. With Harborx Stars, you follow one recommendation at a time, and see how each trade is performing in your ‘Positions’ tab. Whenever you have a little triangle near your trade, it indicates the recommended trade.

Whether you’re new to Harborx, or looking for some inspiration for your trades, following Harborx Stars is a great idea. After all, they aren’t called STARS for nothing.

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