7 Reasons to Trade With Harborx

7 Reasons to Trade With Harborx

Harborx is not your regular forex broker, and you do not have to be a trading pro to benefit from this mobile trading app. Instead, it only takes a few taps to experience the fun and drive professional traders thrive on (all that thrill we get to see in movies, but without losing millions!😉) Think of Harborx as a financial game, and here are a few reasons to start playing:

  1. Look Smart.
    Are you one of those people who hide behind their smartphone, so you can look smart and busy at a boring party, pretending like you’ve got something better to do? Well, with Harborx you actually will have something better to do, like checking your positions or placing a new trade to buy (or sell?) USD after another Donald Trump’s statement, for example (and let’s face it, America’s 45th President keeps things entertaining😅).
  2. Get Smart.
    Will market go up or down? Should you sell or buy? Follow a Star Trader’s recommendation, place an opposite trade (if your intuition tells you), or both? Look at the daily chart or guesstimate? Harborx is the ultimate brainteaser you will ever need in order to keep learning. We condition our muscles with regular workouts (or at least we should😉), so why leave the brain out? Browse this blog to start.
  3. Spend Time & Money Wisely.
    Most of us play mobile games and spend hours scrolling through social newsfeeds. It’s all good and fun, but (let’s face it) leads to hours and hours being wasted. And if you play paid games, you’re also wasting money. Harborx gives you a thrill of a game combined with a proven opportunity to earn profits.
  4. Everyone Needs a Hobby.
    Have you heard that people who have a hobby perform better in their careers and life in general? After all, we all need an outlet to refocus and stay excited about something. You may get tired of an activity, like playing the same mobile game, after a month or so, but since Harborx is weaved into real market conditions and global events, it keeps evolving! You will evolve, too: from following Star Traders to experimenting with your own trades to exploring the complexity and magic of charts – the sky’s the limit👍🏻. Most importantly, it’s an activity you will love, and doing something you love, even as a hobby, goes a long way.💪🏻
  5. You Will Control Your Losses.
    Trading is usually surrounded by stories and myths of people losing all their money. Now, let’s look at the facts. When you start with Harborx, you can stay on TRIAL account for up to 3 months, where you’ll be trading with virtual funds. It means practicing all you want: you’ve got nothing to lose. When you go to a LIVE account, things get slightly more complicated as you will be trading with real money (and forex trading is associated with higher risk), so it’s important to remember traders’ top rule: ‘Never invest more than you’re prepared to lose’ ❗️❗️❗️. Furthermore, you have an option to set ‘Take Profit’ and ‘Stop Loss’, where your trade will stop once it reaches a certain level. This way you control your losses. Last but not least, Harborx has a negative balance protection, so you won’t spend more money than you have!👍🏻
  6. Expand Your Network.
    Harborx lets you meet traders and currency enthusiasts from all over the world. Share your experiences, comment and interact on and off the app. In the world where the width of your network goes a long way, and everyone is evaluated by the strength of their LinkedIn profile, becoming a part of a global trading community is a great idea.✌🏻
  7. It Could Even Grow Into a Career.
    In case you haven’t heard, currency trading (Forex) is the world’s most liquid market, times bigger than stock market for example. It’s always good to gain some understanding of something this big. And if you trade consistently with Harborx and become good at it, this could open the door to a new career. Maybe you will become a Star Trader someday, who knows? 😉

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Risk warning: there is a high level of risk involved with trading forex, commodities, indices and other contract-for-differences. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results. You must be aware of the risks associated with trading directly or indirectly on margin. Please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved and do not invest with money you cannot afford to lose. Please seek independent advice if the risks involved seem unclear to you and refer to our full risk disclaimer.


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