Can You Beat The Market?

Can You Beat The Market?

It seems like trading is becoming more and more popular. Partially due to all this cryptocurrency and bitcoin buzz, the interest in trading financial instruments is on the rise. Be it cryptocurrencies, stocks or forex, it’s all about trading the market and, as it’s sometimes said, ‘beating the market’. But as an independent trader, can you do it?

Before we answer this question, there’s a slight detour. At Harborx, we are strong believers in trading currencies – after all, forex is the most liquid market in the world, leaving the stock market looking tiny in comparison, thus a lot more vulnerable to manipulations. And, compared to trading cryptocurrencies, forex is a proven and time-tested tool. However, the ‘beating the market’ discussion is the same for all traders, for all instruments.

As trading becomes more and more fun, gamified and accessible for beginners, it naturally attracts competitive people. Achievers, ready to give it all and ‘beat the market’. Is that even possible?

Can You Beat the Market?

The short answer is, NO. You cannot and you should not try to beat the market. Think of it as the weather; maybe as your good yet eccentric friend or a slightly unpredictable colleague. To get along, you need to know it well and understand it. You need to be able to play with it and predict its behavior. It takes time and practice, and, of course, there can be some slip-ups, but that’s part of life. Great traders thrive by befriending the market, and that’s how they succeed.

How Do You Compete Then?

While you do not compete with the market, you can challenge yourself, as well as compete with other traders. At Harborx, we make it possible by having a variety of game-like features, such as:

-The Leaderboard Competition
-Inviting Friends
-Weekly Missions
..and more!


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Risk warning: there is a high level of risk involved with trading forex, commodities, indices and other contract-for-differences. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results. You must be aware of the risks associated with trading directly or indirectly on margin. Please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved and do not invest with money you cannot afford to lose. Please seek independent advice if the risks involved seem unclear to you and refer to our full risk disclaimer.


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