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William Bernstein Talks Money

William Bernstein (1948-) is a neurologist and best-selling financial writer. This double identity has earned him insights while analysing human investing behaviour. In his book “If you can: How millennials can get rich slowly”, he described 5 hurdles that young people nowadays must overcome in order to succeed and retire comfortably in the future. Hurdle No. 1: Even if you can invest like Warren Buffet, if you can’t save, you’ll die poor. Hurdle No. 2: Finance isn’t rocket science, but you’d better understand it clearly. Hurdle No. 3: Those who ignore financial......

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Peter Lynch Talks Money
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January 5, 2015

Peter Lynch Talks Money

Peter Lynch (1944-) is famous for turning $18 million worth of assets into $14 billion in 13 years. As a legendary fund manager, he often jokes about his profession: “A...