Champion Speaking: Harborx Maldives Promo Winner Shares His Thoughts

Champion Speaking: Harborx Maldives Promo Winner Shares His Thoughts

Harborx Winter Escape promo has got its first winner! We are happy to congratulate Sunny Kok, CEO of a Hong Kong based tech company, on his impressive victory and getting the Maldives prize of return air tickets and 5-star hotel accommodation for two. In less than a month, Sunny has hit it out of the ballpark by doubling his account balance and completing an impressive volume of well over 10 lots. We couldn’t miss the chance to catch up with Sunny and see what he has to say about…

…his victory:

What can I say? I’m going to the Maldives!!!

… his background:

I’m a tech and marketing guy, I’m not a trader. I develop cool stuff, I love technology, I love gaming, and I love trading on Harborx.

… understanding forex market:

I don’t understand much about currency trading. I know that currencies go up and down, I place a lot of trades, sometimes I get them wrong and sometimes I get lucky.

… his motivation:

When I want something, I go for it! This is how it happened with this competition: I saw it and I knew immediately that I wanted to win. So I deposited and started trading.

… his trading strategy:

There isn’t much of a trading strategy, to be honest. I follow recommendations, but since I’m a very independent guy, I also enjoy placing my own trades. Also, all my trades are BUY – just because I don’t like selling. So once I think that a currency pair can go up, I buy. So, I guess you can say that my strategy is being a determined optimist.

… thoughts about Harborx app:

Like many people, I live on my iPhone, so I use lots of apps, and I play games. I love Harborx because it helps me make money, instead of just spending it in a game. And I get the fun and drive I want when playing a game! It is also cool that Harborx made me pay attention to the news and what’s going on in the world. If it wasn’t for the competition, I wouldn’t care about the US Presidential election, but since I was trading, I was glued to the news to see the result and follow market reactions. So you can say that Harborx educated me on global news. It’s now one of the most used apps in my phone, and I can’t wait to continue trading on the beautiful Maldives beaches.



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