Harborx at FinDEVr London 2017

Harborx at FinDEVr London 2017

Harborx CEO Wissam Sabbah and CTO David Sung presented our app and technology earlier this week at FinDEVr London, a highly reputable fintech event held as part of London Tech Week. To present at FinDEVr, companies and startups undergo fierce selection process, and only the best ones get to speak from the FinDEVr stage. This year, Harborx was among presenters, in the company of other tech brands.

Thank you, FinDEVr London!

Here’s a video of our presentation titled “When Trading Meets Gaming”:

Now, you may not be a techie and have no idea what Wissam and (especially) David were talking about. So, here’s what you need to know about the event and our presentation, simplified:

  • The Tech Part. When Harborx team started building the app, they had to consider multiple requirements, and there was no suitable technical solution available. So, the team had to develop a very complex proprietary platform and infrastructure, so it would suit our traders’ unique needs. This is important, because not only is Harborx platform stable and low-latency (so you get your price feeds and trades in real time), but it can also accommodate more innovative gaming features (hint: new exciting Harborx features coming this year!)
  • The Trading Part. Each FinDEVr presentation is followed by questions asked by the audience. Harborx received the highest number of questions, and we weren’t able to answer them all in the little time we had, so we took it to our Twitter feed to provide all responses. And guess what? FinDEVr audience aren’t currency traders: they are mostly developers and tech executives, but they weren’t asking about the codes and algorithms. They were interested in things like minimum deposit amount, the Leaderboard, Star Traders and upcoming Harborx features. Everyone’s interested in trading on Harborx and not just talking about it!
  • The Fun Part. Throughout the event, we’ve been actively posting on Twitter and Instagram and won the prize for the best FinDEVr photo on social media! Here’s the winning shot:


Wissam and David right after their presentation. They’ve killed it, so it was the perfect time to jump from joy.

For more FinDEVr photos, check out our Instagram.

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