Harborx Encourages Forex Traders to ‘Follow the Stars’, or Shine Bright Themselves

Harborx Encourages Forex Traders to ‘Follow the Stars’,  or Shine Bright Themselves

‘Follow the Stars’ has been more than just a tagline for Harborx – the CySEC regulated investment firm known in the market as the world’s leading fully-mobile forex trading solution.

Created around the idea of simplified forex trading, accessible to beginners, Harborx app offers ‘recommendations’ (forex signals) from ‘Harborx Stars’, the brand’s very own ‘celebrities’ whose recommendations get consistent following and feedback among the app’s users. Recently, the brand geared up on its stars approach, encouraging professional traders to join Harborx through its Star Traders Program.


Dr. George Athanasiou

Upon passing the selection process which includes presenting their detailed trading history, the selected traders are given a starting balance of USD10,000 in real funds to trade, being entitled to a 20% commission on their earnings. While there are four public star traders currently visible on the app, more of them are trading behind the scenes until the company is satisfied with their performance. According to George Athanasiou, Ph.D, Harborx Portfolio Manager and one of Harborx Star Traders, the brand is committed to finding talented forex traders all over the world for a long-term partnership.

-Harborx app is centered around the idea of following Star Traders’ recommendations, and at the moment you have four ‘Stars’ on the app. Are you looking to increase this figure?

-We are always on the lookout for talented traders whom we entrust to trade with company managed funds – either behind the scenes or publicly on the app. We have nearly a dozen star traders at the moment, and we are looking to add more members.

-So not all Harborx Stars trade publicly on the app. Is this done on purpose?

-There are a couple of reasons for that. First of all, our ultimate goal is building a community of talented traders, and this is what we do. Furthermore, our market research shows that the current number of Star Profiles and number of recommendations they produce are the best balance with our clients’ needs and preferences in mind. We monitor in-app activity, as well as market trends, and might be increasing the number of public ‘Star Traders’ profiles in the future. But at the moment we find the benefit in the fact that use of app is stress-free as it does not feel as crowded as some other trading solutions where there’s just too much action, too many faces and figures, which is overwhelming to beginners.

-What motivates you personally to publicly trade on the app?

– Part of my background lies in teaching, and I love sharing my knowledge and helping others enhance their skills. Furthermore, this app is an absolutely new generation platform, which opens a new channel for sharing your knowledge that’s so much ahead compared to a traditional classroom.

Harborx is a truly unique platform that connects professional traders with curious beginners, allowing them to trade on the go and learn while following more experienced traders. Being part of the ‘Star Trader program’ enables me to see how forex traders improve their skills and evolve from absolute beginners to more professional traders.

-Have any of the app clients achieved the level of ‘Star Traders’?

-Our analysts monitor the trading activity of our clients and if adequate performance, that fits the ‘Star Trader’ profile is identified, then we might reach out to the clients and ask them to participate on a trial to the program. Some of our clients claim that becoming a ‘Star Trader’ is their ultimate goal and motivation. While beginner traders start with their first positions by following a ‘Star’, they have all the tools and potential to reach the ‘Star’ level themselves. And this is exactly what makes Harborx special; everyone can become a ‘Star Trader’!

Interested in joining Harborx Star Traders program? Visit this page for info.


Harborx Limited is regulated by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission under license number 230/14 in accordance with the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive of the European Union, and the Investment Services and Activities and Regulated Markets Law of Cyprus (Law 144 (1) / 2007). Harborx.com is owned and operated by Harborx Limited.

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