Harborx Winter Escape Promo: Frequently Asked Questions

Harborx Winter Escape Promo: Frequently Asked Questions

-I am not registered with Harborx. Can I join the Winter Escape promo?

-Absolutely! Simply download the app from your app store, complete the registration process, and upgrade from a trial to live account (you will get a small bonus for that!). Once done, you will be able to make a deposit to your trading account, so your balance reaches the minimum promo requirement of $300.

-Can I join the promo with a Trial account on Harborx?

-You will need to upgrade to a Live account first. You will even get a small bonus for that, so don’t miss this chance. Once you’re a live user, you can make a deposit to reach the minimum balance requirement of $300.

-I am a live user with the balance of $180 in my trading account. Do I have to deposit at least $120 to be eligible to participate in the promo?

-Correct: you need to reach the balance of at least $300 to be eligible for the promo. Once you’ve made the deposit and your account balance equals or is above $300, this is the amount you should double by trading.

-My current account balance is $1500. If I withdraw $1200, does it mean that I will only have to double the remaining balance of $300?

-No, you will have to double the amount you had in your account as of beginning of the promo, which in your case is $1500. Friendly tip: a higher balance allow for larger trading volumes

-What if… I started the promo with the balance of $500, for example, then did some trading and then decided to make another deposit. Which balance do I need to double now?

-You will need to double the new balance that you achieve with your latest deposit. Every time you make a deposit, it is the new balance that you need to double.

-Can I just place one trade with the $300 and the maximum leverage and basically gamble for it to win? If the market goes my way, I can double my balance with one trade and (3 lots). Does this count?

-You’ve got some great understanding of trading! However, to be eligible for the prize of this promo, you need to reach the trading volume of 10 lots and 500 trades. You can either follow recommendations or trade independently, but you need to trade consistently, not just gamble.

-What if someone doubles their account balance before I do? How many winners will there be?

-Harborx Winter Escape Promo will have multiple winners. As long as you meet the promo criteria before 31 January 2017, you are eligible for the prize.

-I usually trade on my mother’s account. Can I trade on a Harborx account that’s not in my name and get the prize?

-To claim the prize, you will need to complete the verification process by submitting your current ID along with the proof of address. This is why you should trade on your own account.

How do I know that the winning results are authentic?

-Our promo campaign will be monitored by the third party auditing organization, ASG Premier Audit Services, to ensure the the objectivity and accuracy of results.



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