How Social Media Can Help You Become A Better Trader

How Social Media Can Help You Become A Better Trader

We live in a social media obsessed world… with all those news feeds to check, ‘snaps’ and ‘stories’ to watch and updates to read, it seems hard to find time for anything else, right? But hey, if you’re reading this blog, it probably means that you consistently find time to trade on Harborx, so it’s not so bad!

At Harborx, we’re all about being smart how you spend time on your smartphone and online in general; remember those #SmartNotSilly ads? But there’s more to this idea. There are multiple smart ways to use social media that can help you maximize the benefits of Harborx app and make you a better trader!

Connect with Facebook friends on Harborx

The Leaderboard is everyone’s favorite on Harborx! You can withdraw your prizes (up to $100, people!), but the Leaderboard competition isn’t just about the money. You get to compete with traders from all over the world, as well as with your Facebook friends. It gives a whole new level of competitive edge! If you haven’t done it yet, open the Leaderboard and go to the FRIENDS tab:


Once you have your Facebook account connected, you will have your own Leaderboard with your friends, where you can compete and push each other to improve your trading skills.

Share your referral code on social media

Your social profiles are a perfect place to share your Harborx referral code and get your friends on the app. Remember that for every friend who registers with your code and proceeds to validate their Live account, you will get $10. Your friend will get the same $10 reward. You can refer up to 100 friends and make up to $1000 in trading credit. That’s a huge boost to your trading account balance and your trading potential. You can read more about inviting friends here. 

Consistently tell about your experiences

If you know a lot about trading and Harborx, share this knowledge with your friends! You can start by sharing articles from this blog, as well as telling about your trading experiences and sharing the screenshots of your winning trades. People love reading stories about others’ hobbies and passions, so you have an amazing opportunity to establish yourself as a social trading guru! This is also a great way to find new referrals and trading buddies. Don’t forget to add hashtags, such as #Harborx, #BattleofTraders, #HarborxLeaderboard, and #forex. Whether you are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other networks, join the conversation!

Connect with other traders outside Harborx

The Harborx app lets you post comments and replies on Star Traders’ recommendations. This is how many of the traders connect to share their trading experiences. Why limit these conversations to the app? Don’t be shy to connect with other traders on social networks and share your experiences further. After all, this is a cool opportunity to make friends from all over the world, who are just as adventurous and motivated as you are.

Social media may be seen as a waste of time, but it is also a powerful resource for making new connections and sharing your info, so you can become a better trader.


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