‘I Won the iPhoneX!!!’ – Meet the Harborx Promo Winner

‘I Won the iPhoneX!!!’ - Meet the Harborx Promo Winner

Remember the Harborx Selfie promo we ran last fall, with the prize being the hot new iPhone X? The winner, 22-year old Dumisani Manxiwa from South Africa,  known on the app as Crank, was randomly picked and announced in our Facebook live broadcast. Following the announcement, Dumisani had to exhibit some patience, first waiting for the iPhone to be officially released by Apple, and then to actually become available!

Now that the holiday season is over and Dumisani has gotten used to the idea of being the winner with the cool new gadget, we caught up with him for a quick chat.

Congrats again on being the winner! What was your first thought when you saw the broadcast and heard your name?

Thank you so much for the opportunity you have given me to own an iPhone X! When I first heard that you were announcing the iPhone winner on Facebook, I didn’t bother to check because I’m so used to not winning anything. But when I was mentioned in a comment,  I decided to look at it, and guess what? I won!!! I couldn’t believe it that in the few months I had traded on Harborx I could be this lucky, but I have received my prize and I’m so happy!!!

Dumisani Manxiwa

Dumisani Manxiwa

What do you like most about the Harborx app? What are your favorite features?

I know that people out there are very skeptical of forex brokers. There’s a lot of talk about scammers, and how hard it is to find a reliable broker. This is why I’m happy that Harborx is 100% legit! The app is so accurate when it comes to market conditions and that’s the first feature I like about it.  There are other features that Harborx has that I’m in love with, such as:

  • Following a star trader is easy with only a single button (plus you can edit the TP/SL of the followed trade).
  • Promo codes!! When I first joined Harborx I was very reluctant to put my own money in forex trading because of so many untrustworthy brokers, but as soon as I verified my account, there was a $30 bonus promotion happening I think and I got it, also got a few of my friends to join it and get an extra $10 for each friend. I was happy to see that I could teach myself trading without any risks involved plus it made me trust the app as it often gives special bonuses on deposits.
  • Log in with Facebook or Google, I’m lazy to fill out any huge forms but with Harborx I never had that headache because I can log in with my Facebook account on the app and that makes it so easier to use instead of thinking about passwords.

Anything else you would like to tell our readers?

I’d like to tell anyone out there looking for a simple way to start trading to use Harborx.

Stay tuned for the second interview with Dumisani as part of The Faces of Harborx series!



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