‘Keep Trading and Never Give Up’ — Words of Advice From the Second Winner of the Maldives Promo

‘Keep Trading and Never Give Up’ — Words of Advice From the Second Winner of the Maldives Promo

Harborx Winter Escape promo ended last week with two winners! While Sunny Kok exceeded all expectations by reaching the promo requirements within the first month of the campaign, the second winner, Ho Long Tsang, seized the final weeks and qualified for the prize mid-January, when the promo was about to end.

We couldn’t miss the chance to chat with Ho Long and ask him about his trading experience.

-Congrats on your victory, you made it!!! Could you please tell a bit about yourself? What do you do? Your hobbies?

-Thank you, I’m so excited! I am from Hong Kong and I work as a programmer for a tech company. I love exercising and playing computer games. And since recently, currency trading is another hobby of mine.

-How did you hear about Harborx and the Maldives promo?

-The first time I heard of the Maldives promo was from my boss in the beginning of November 2016. At the time, he was trading non-stop, and he asked me if i wanted to go to the Maldives. I thought he was joking, but then he showed me the app and told me about the promo.

-Why did you decide to participate?

-The Maldive Islands have always been my dream destination, so, naturally, the app, the promo and the prize got my attention. However, I didn’t have any experience in trading, so I didn’t think I could win. Still, I downloaded the app out of curiosity and started exploring it.
The turning point came with the US Presidential election. Star Traders’ recommendations were popping up on my screen all the time as the US dollar was going up and down. I decided to give it a try and followed a few recommendations. Later that day, I was ecstatic to see that I had won 10 dollars! It was so unexpected and showed me that I can trade. Basically, that day gave me confidence to make my first deposit.

-Did you follow any particular trading strategy? How did you make trading decisions?

-Since I didn’t have any experience in trading, I followed Star Traders’ recommendations. If I saw a few similar recommendations, I would invest a larger amount in those trades. Mainly this is how I won. Furthermore, I tried to buy when I saw that a currency pair was at a relatively low point as I assumed that it would go up from there. What’s more, I avoid placing a high amount on one single trade, since it’s too risky.

Trading to Win!

-To win your prize, you had to double your account balance while reaching the trading volume of 10 lots and completing the minimum of 500 trades. How much did you trade every day?

-I traded a lot! Of course, I had to work, but I would open the app every chance I’d get. And after work, whether I was heading to the gym or hanging out with friends, I would still trade. In this photo, for example, I’m looking at my phone and trading at dinner at a restaurant. All my Facebook and mobile games time became Harborx time.

-As a beginner, what do you think about the app?

-I love the app! I love the idea of having a Trial account, where a user can try trading with virtual money, so there’s nothing to lose. The app itself pretty simple and intuitive, but, frankly speaking, I did struggle in the beginning, since I knew nothing about forex trading and had no idea what ‘BUY’ and ‘SELL’ is. It was also strange to see all those currency pairs, there are so many of them, and as a beginner, I had no idea whether I should focus on GBPJPY or USDJPY, for example.

-What would be your advice to beginners?

-Keep learning and don’t be afraid to ask questions! I did it all the time. I contacted Harborx support many times, whenever I had a question. They were always happy to help, especially when I kept checking my trading volume, and how far I was from the target of doubling my balance and reaching those 10 lots. This was a great motivation and kept me going even when I was losing. So, my advice would be Keep learning, keep trading and don’t give up!


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