New Harborx Star: Maria Charalambous

New Harborx Star: Maria Charalambous

We’ve got a new Star Trader on the app! Meet Maria Charalambous. Maria has been trading on Harborx for a long time, and has recently become a Star Trader, so you can follow her recommendations.

These are just a few things to know about Maria:

  • Her Background. Maria studied Shipping and Finance, and, unsurprisingly, is interested in financial instruments, markets, and global financial news.
  • Why She Loves Trading. Maria’s favorite thing about trading is that you can stay connected to the global markets no matter where you are. And this is exactly what she does – Maria opens Harborx app to trade or simply check the charts no matter where she is!
  • What She Likes Most About Harborx. Maria’s favorite thing about Harborx is how fun and easy the app is. ‘When I first saw the Harborx app, I was surprised that it’s so easy and game-like. Pretty often, currency trading platforms look daunting, they are just too serious, and many beginners find them overwhelming. Harborx, on the other hand, is so easy and fun that it feels more like a game. I know people who have installed the app just to compete on the Leaderboard because their friends already do it, and for them, trading is something fun and easy, not the ‘boring professional charts’ some people think about it. So Iike that Harborx makes trading possible for everyone.’
  • Her Trading Style. Maria does not like limiting herself with a certain trading style. ‘It’s all about the right moment and the right moves’, she says. Trading scenarios and the ways markets move can be very different, and, as a trader, Maria keeps her eyes peeled for the opportunities while analyzing the situation, the charts and other things that affect currency pairs’ trading behavior.
  • Her Hobbies. Besides trading, Maria loves going to the gym and is interested in fitness and wellness.

Be sure to welcome Maria on the app and keep an eye on her recommendations!


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