Take a #HarborxSelfie & Win iPhone X!

Take a #HarborxSelfie & Win iPhone X!

Want to get your hands on the newly announced iPhone X? With Harborx, you can win it!

All you have to do is take a #HarborxSelfie, like this one below and post it publicly on Facebook until October 15 (be sure to tag @Harborx and use hashtags #HarborxSelfie and #iPhoneX). After October 15, 2017, we will select the winner with a randomizer during a Facebook Live broadcast. The new iPhone X will be shipped to you as soon as it becomes available!

How to win an iPhone X:

1. Open a Harborx account (in case you don’t have it yet). You can download the Harborx app here.
2. Take a selfie with your smartphone with Harborx app open.
3. Post this selfie publicly on Facebook, tag @Harborx, #HarborxSelfie and #iPhoneX before October 15, 2017.
4. The winner will be selected by a randomizer during a Facebook Live broadcast.
5. Check out Terms and Conditions below and contact us if you have any questions.


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Terms and Conditions:

1. The promo runs from September 13, 2017, until the end of October 15, 2017, GMT+3.
2. The promo is open to everyone who has a Trial or Live Harborx account. Users are welcome to register with Harborx in order to join the promo.
3. To participate, individuals need to take a photo of themselves with a smartphone with Harborx app open and post it publicly to their Facebook page. The photo should be accompanied with the caption mentioning @Harborx, hashtags #HarborxSelfie and #iPhoneX.
4. Only one (1) photo per user will participate in the competition.
5. The winner will be selected by a randomizer during a Facebook Live broadcast.
6. Images with major altering (‘photoshopping’), such as adding major elements to the photo or combining multiple photos into one, will be disqualified. Minor adjustments, made to enhance the quality and effect of the image (filters, contrast, exposure etc) are allowed.
7. The winner will be awarded the new iPhone X as a prize. The promo will have only 1 (one) winner.
8. The prize will be shipped to the winner once it becomes available on the market.
9. Users from the following countries aren’t eligible for participation: U.S.A. Iran, Japan.
10. Using fake likes and bots is not allowed.
11. Harborx Ltd. reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions without the prior notice.


This blogpost is brought to you by Harborx.com. Check out our website to see how your trading experience can be simplified.


  1. Awesome!!

  2. Dang! I’m from South Africa and I was winning till I saw the counties eligible to win 😢

  3. Lol my bad is countries that AREN’T so I’m still in yey! 😇

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