The Faces of Harborx: Dumisani Manxiwa

The Faces of Harborx: Dumisani Manxiwa

We continue The Faces of Harborx series with another interview with Dumisani Manxiwa, a young trader from South Africa who has recently won an iPhone X in our Facebook selfie competition. Today, we get to know him better.

Please tell us about yourself
My name is Dumisani Ndumiso Manxiwa, I’m 22, and I’m from Johannesburg, South Africa. I’m a student, working towards my Diploma in Wholesale Retailing. I heard about currency trading in early 2016 and I have been practicing how to trade ever since. I do not have enough time to learn all I can about trading Forex since I’m a full-time student but I’m becoming better each day.  Trading is becoming more and more popular in South Africa, so I can refer people to Harborx and get extra trading credit.

What led you to start trading?
The first time I got into trading was in 2016. I was curious as to how can I make some additional income online as a student. I guess it’s something that everyone wants! I went on Google and as I was browsing through the results I got, I came across the story about a young guy called Sandile Shezi who became a millionaire as a student trading Forex. I wasn’t aiming to become a millionaire but naturally, I was curious as to how he did it. I’ve been teaching myself forex trading ever since, researching, reading and watching lots of videos.

How did you start trading on Harborx?
In the first year when I started learning forex, I tried lots of apps. Most of them were too complicated or just not that accurate, with little or no information, so I was never happy. I kept searching for the best forex app online and voila there was Harborx! I fell in love with it and never looked back.

How would you describe your trading strategy?
My strategy is to wait. I don’t risk going into a trade on a pair that is moving in different directions. Instead, I wait for the pair to reach its highest or lowest point then I either sell or buy from there after doing some research and checking its historic performance. I’ve been getting good results with this approach lately.

What pushes you to deposit and trade?
I cannot afford to deposit as much as I’d like to, so I mostly have to rely on my trading profits and trading credit, such as referral bonuses. My main motivation to deposit though is seeing trading opportunities that will let me make some profits. So getting even more money is my biggest motivation to deposit. And as for a bigger picture, my motivation to trade is the thought of being financially free someday, without depending on anyone.

What is your biggest lesson in trading?
The biggest lesson trading has taught me? I’d have to say it’s having patience. It’s not a get rich quick scheme as everyone thinks it is, it’s just like any other profession you have to start at the bottom and learn as much as you can. But with useful and insightful apps like Harborx you’ll be very well on your way to understanding forex in no time.

What are your plans for 2018?
My plan for this year is to continue growing my trading account to a consistently profitable level.


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