The Faces of Harborx: Marko Sesar

The Faces of Harborx: Marko Sesar

We’re starting the series of interviews with members of the Harborx community. Our first interview is with Marko Sesar (known on the app as Marko), Croatia-based trader who has been actively trading with Harborx since August 2017. We asked Marko to share what drew him to Harborx, his trading motivation, as well as his trading goals for the upcoming 2018.


Please tell us a bit about yourself, where you’re from, what do you do? Is trading popular in your country?

I am a Canadian expat living in Croatia. I work in construction and real estate. It seems to me that trading is much more popular in Canada compared to Croatia.

Marko Sesar Harborx

Marko Sesar

How did you get into trading and why did you choose Harborx?

Forex trading is something I recently took interest in as I have been been working with certain pairs of currency since living abroad and monitoring the changes in order to save myself money when exchanging. I read into trading and figured it’s something that suits my personality type: dedicated, organized and ambitious! After trying 5 or 6 different apps I discovered that Harborx was the most efficient and easiest to navigate.

Do you have a specific trading style or any strategies (if you’d like to share)?

I like to follow patterns when possible but it’s not a solid strategy, you still have to follow your gut, it’s all about timing.

How do you make a decision to open new positions?

I have certain pairs that I’m more comfortable with so there’s low points and high points that I try to capitalize on.

What moves you to make a deposit?

I usually deposit when I see good opportunities, like all-time highs or lows, but you have to be careful because you can lose your shirt if you assume too much and go all in! Otherwise, I have my comfortable balance that I work with and try to maintain.

What is your main trading motivation?

Short and long-term income.

What is the biggest lesson trading has taught you?

Don’t assume anything.

What are your trading plans for the next year? Have you set any goals already?
I hope to reach a consistent 10-15% return on my money and then to increase my trading balance if possible.


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