The Faces of Harborx: Vlad Bogdan Glugovschi (Beforesecond)

The Faces of Harborx: Vlad Bogdan Glugovschi (Beforesecond)

We continue The Faces of Harborx Series, where we showcase our traders as they share their thoughts about trading on Harborx. Today, we’re talking to Vlad Bogdan Glugovschi, known on the app as Beforesecond, who often appears among the Leaderboard winners and is no stranger to taking risks.

Please tell us a bit about yourself, what do you do?

I’m from Suceava, Romania, and work as a bus route manager for a public transport company.

Trading is not very popular in Romania, especially Suceava. I can say that I don’t know many people using trading platforms here. But I believe that this will change, as some people are discovering trading, so hopefully, more Romanians will be trading more in the future.

How did you get into trading and why did you choose Harborx?

I started trading to earn some extra income. I have a friend in England who had been trading for years and it seemed really interesting. So I started looking at ads of different platforms and comparing them. Harborx was the most attractive option.

What do you like about Harborx?

I like that you have all kinds of contests, easy participation, and cool prizes. And the platform is very user-friendly.

Do you have a specific trading style or any strategies (if you’d like to share)?

I have a rather aggressive and risky style because my capital is limited for now. However, it suits my personality.

How do you make a decision to open new positions?

I watch a lot of international news and keep an eye on the economic calendar.

What moves you to make a deposit?

I started trading with the bonus but eventually made a deposit as I was trying to cover some positions so I would not be stopped out. To be honest, I wouldn’t make that deposit if I would have been in profit. However, I can say that having traded with the bonus for a while has given me the confidence and motivation I needed to deposit.

What is your main trading motivation?

Extra income and the thrill.

What is the biggest lesson trading has taught you?

Be patient, be careful and open to supersizes, and get as much as you can when you catch the trend.

What are your trading plans for 2018? Have you set any goals?

I’d like to have a big enough budget to build a more elaborate and less risky trading strategy.


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